Popular Music

"Psychedelic Daze"

A 12-part series on the San Francisco countercultural movement of 1965-1969 that created a revolution in music and culture. I was a part of that movement.

Part One: Berkeley and the Radical Left
Part Two: The Heroes of the Hip
Part Three: More Heroes of the Hip
Part Four: The Scene
Part Five: The Events
Part Six: The Promoters and their Venues
Part Seven: The Quick and the Dead
Part Eight: The Matrix and the Airplane
Part Nine: The Art
Part Ten: The Bands (Part 1)
Part Eleven: The Bands (Part 2)
Part Twelve: Harbinger and the Dawn Album

"The New Acoustic Popular Music" 

A 12-part series about the great new genre of acoustic-based music that is becoming the popular music for our time, while the destructive genres of heavy metal, hard rock and angry hip hop fade into the past.

Part Twelve - Ireland's Musical Soul