Article Series

Series 1 - "Psychedelic Daze"

A 12-part series on the San Francisco countercultural movement of 1965-1969 that created a revolution in music and culture. I was a part of that movement.

The future of music depends upon our knowledge of the important musical traditions of the past.

         Part One: Berkeley and the Radical Left
         Part Two: The Heroes of the Hip
         Part Three: More Heroes of the Hip
         Part Four: The Scene
         Part Five: The Events
         Part Six: The Promoters and their Venues
         Part Seven: The Quick and the Dead
         Part Eight: The Matrix and the Airplane
         Part Nine: The Art
         Part Ten: The Bands (Part 1)
         Part Eleven: The Bands (Part 2)
         Part Twelve: Harbinger and the Dawn Album

Series 2 - "The Genesis of New Age Music"
Understanding the true beginnings of New Age music. I was a pioneer of that movement.
Series 3 - "The Ostracism of the Tonal Composers"
Classical music took a dive in the 20th century when composers fell in love with discords. When this happened, those composers who kept alive music full of love and good feeling got thrown under the bus.

         Part One - Sibelius and Rachmaninoff
         Part Two - Theodor Adorno

Series 4 - "If Plants Could Sing - Serenading the Marigolds"

         Part One - The Story of Dorothy Retallack and her Experiments with Music and Plants
         Part Two - Resonance

Series 5 - "The New Acoustic Popular Music" 

          Part One - Mumford and the Movie
         Part Two - Blind Pilot, Avetts and Lumineers
         Part Three - Monsters and Men, Fleet Foxes and Dry the River
         Part Four - Elephants, Kings and Duos
         Part Five - From Horse Feathers to Vespers
         Part Six - Stave Off those Shovels with Paper Kites
         Part Seven - Civil Wars and Other Lives
         Part Eight - Railroad to the Graveyard
         Part Nine - The Singer Revolution (Part 1)
         Part Ten - The Singer Revolution (Part 2)
         Part Eleven - Bluegrass Update and the Amazing Sierra Hull
         Part Twelve - Ireland's Musical Soul

"Sacred Choral Music of the Renaissance"
Work on this series is in progress

        Part 1 - The Seeds of the Renaisance
        Part 2 - Music Flows from Al-Andalus to Europe
        Part 3 - Introduction to Renaissance Sacred Choral Music
        Part 4 - The Fifteenth Century (Part 1) 
        Part 5 - The Fifteenth Century (Part 2)