Thursday, July 7, 2016

The New Acoustic Popular Music (Part 5) - From Horse Feathers to Vespers

By Don Robertson

Say Goodbye! to hard rock as it writhes in dying pain and bid Hello! to Americana, the new acoustic popular music. Thank God you have arrived. 

      In the previous articles of the New Acoustic Popular Music series, I discussed the emergence of new music that is widely divergent from the typical commercial offerings brought to us by corporate America. It is acoustic music that is mainly based on the roots music of Southeastern America. We find that it is innovative, fresh and young. Most of the musical members of this genre are under 30 years of age, or were when they started their careers. In this and the following articles in this series, I will continue to introduce this new generation of music.
Brandi Carlile
     From Washington State in the US, this young lady's first album was released in 2005 when she was 24-years old. Ten years later, the album "The Firewatcher's Daughter" reached top positions on US and UK charts.
"Dying Day" by Brandi Carlile

Horse Feathers
     Rock singer/songwriter Justin Ringle moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004 and began focusing on acoustic music. He joined with Peter Broderick in 2006 to create their first recording as a duo. Soon other musicians came on board, forming the band known as Horse Feathers.

Short Concert by Horse Feathers

The Melodic
     "The Melodic" is a group from South London. 
"Hold On" by The Melodic

The Vespers
     This band consists of two brothers and two sisters, all born and living in Nashville. Their first record was released in 2010.
"Will You Love Me" by The Vespers

The Trishas
     These four independent artists formed a band in 2009 and their first full album appeared in 2013. Because they live in different locations and are raising families, they get together for special occasions only.
"Against the Grain" by the Trishas

      In the next episode of "The New Acoustic Popular Music" I will continue to present videos that I hope you will love and enjoy as I do.

Enjoy the music. There is more to come.

So for now, "Good music. Good Vibes." I'm Don Robertson.

© 2016 by Don Robertson

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